Women & Girls

XXTRA Special and Free® (Women who Take Responsibility and Action are “XXTRA” Special and Free) supports programs, internships, scholarships and other activities that advance the engagement of women of color in democracy and private sector industries.  Our programs empower participants, partners and sponsors to address real life, career, educational and policy matters relevant to women and girls of color with passion, accountability, accuracy and cultural authenticity.

  • XXTRA Special & Free

Theory of Change. Women of color represent 8 out of 10 women in the world and soon will comprise a collective majority in the United States.   Moving forward, new, innovative programs designed to equip them with the tools and resources needed to thrive as students, professionals and leaders of organizational change are necessary and relevant.

Social & Economic Issues

Women of color are a powerful economic and political contingency.  In recent years, their advancement in education, entrepreneurship, and other areas have been significant.  As consumers, they control a majority of most purchasing decisions in their families and communities.  As workers, they are vital to business and the US economy.

Even so, they often are negatively affected by the swirl of forces shaped by the intersectionality of race, class and gender.   They continue to grapple with a host of challenges that are persistent, pernicious and keep them marginalized socially and economically.  Expanding their engagement as citizens, students, corporate executives, business owners and workers in areas of national significance, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics contributes to the overall health of the nation, the communities where they live, and companies where they work.