Civic Engagement

CELIE has developed a unique civic engagement education and training framework for purposeful and transformative organizations and leaders. CELIE provides best-in-class information, programs, education and training resources that allow attendees and sponsors to advance democratic engagement, and deliver results that are most impactful and meaningful to them and the larger communities they represent.

Our advocacy/civic engagement programs (1) PolicyThink and (2) the Freedom Factory provide innovative working models that seamlessly connect a civic engagement event platform to a socially charged, change agent and transformative engagement and leadership institute.

PolicyThink® is a civic engagement event platform that provides social impact convenings and programs that harness the power of the collective.

Freedom Factory® provides four types of programs in the form of seminars, workshops, customized programs and focus groups:

  • Power Equation™ Introductory Seminar
  • Comprehensive Workshops
  • Custom Programs
  • Focused Programs